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John Doyle's Athletic Highlights copied from <http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~doyle/CVath.html>

J Doyle's Sports gallery

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Running, cycling, rowing

Lifetime PRs:

   * Born July 12, 1954
   * Football throw: 65 yards (high school)
   * 40 yd dash: 4.6 (hand), 4.8 (electronic) 

Masters (40+) PRs

   * Bench press: 315 lbs. 
   * 800m run: 2:08, mile: 4:45, 10K: 36:30 
   * 2K erg row: 6:27.6 (World Senior Lightweight Record) ~ VO2max=75mL/(kg·min)
   * 1 lap Rose Bowl Bike: 6:30 (~5K)
   * 40K bike: 54:38
   * Half Ironman (4:03) (swim was short) 


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Open competition wins


1st Tour de Bowl I, May, 1996. Rose Bowl, Pasadena.

1st San Bernardino Tinman Triathlon, April, 1995.

1st 20th Annual International Human Powered Speed Championships 1 Hour Cycling Time Trial, Eureka, CA August 1-7, 1994. (35.7 miles in 1 hour on faired bike.) The IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association) is the governing body for high-tech human powered land, air, and water vehicles.

Masters competition


1st USCF (United States Cycling Federation) District 6 Time Trial Championship, 40K, (54:38), May, 1994. Edwards AFB, CA. (35-39 age group)

1st Steamboat Triathlon, August, 1994. San Dimas, CA.

1st Santa Barbara World's Gym Long Course Triathlon, August, 1994.

1st Senior Lightweight, 2500m indoor rowing, (8:10.6, New Senior Lightweight World Record) World Masters Games, September 26 - October 8, 1994. Brisbane, Australia. (Also 1st in 500m row, 4th in cycling time trial, and 6th in Triathlon at WMG.)


1st Rialto Triathlon, January, 1995. Rialto, CA.

1st Senior Lightweight, Long Beach Sprints, (2500m indoor rowing, New World Record, 8:09.2), January, 1995.

2nd Senior Lightweights, CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships, (2500m, 8:08.1, New US Record), February, 1995. Boston.

1st Duathlon in Exile, May, 1995. Irvine, CA. (World championship qualifier).

1st Powerman Chicago Sprint Duathlon, June, 1995.

1st Big Bear Duathlon, July, 1995. Big Bear Lake, CA.

1st Steamboat Triathlon, August, 1995. San Dimas, CA.

1st Sundgau Duathlon, August, 1995. Strueth, France.

1st Fall Showdown Duathlon, October, 1995. Irvine, CA.

23rd ITU World Duathlon Championship, November, 1995. Cancun, Mexico, (7/12 Americans). This race was tooooo long....


1st Senior Lightweight, Long Beach Sprints, (2000m indoor rowing, New World Record, 6:27.6), January, 1996.

3rd Senior Lightweights, CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships, February, 1996. Boston.



1st Pasadena Triathlon (10th overall)